EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 32 year old patient suffers from the Ross River Virus for 5 years, exhibiting low energy. Smokes 20 cigarettes a day. Heavy green or yellow-coloured phlegm is produced, and cough symptoms are aggravated at night. Tightness is felt in the upper back and soreness in the right knee. Always wakes up feeling tired and has high cholesterol. After two treatments, taking herbs and supplement, along with a change of diet, the patient's energy levels greatly improved.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 34 year old patient was suffering from severe right lower abdomen pain (around the appendix area) for 4 weeks. He went twice to the hospital for treatment. He suffered bloating in the abdomen, and pain causing loss of sleep. He had to urinate nearly 5-6 times a day, constantly feeling tired and uncomfortable during cold weather. After treatment with herbs and supplements, with a change in diet, he came back one week later with pain in his ribs and abdominal area. After additional treatment with herbs, he recovered fully one week later.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 58 year old vegetarian patient caught the flu 5 times in one year and had sinus headaches for a few years, with worsening symptoms in air conditioned rooms. He used to wake up at 2 - 2:30 am and usually took an hour to fall asleep again, with soreness in his hips. After 6 treatments with herbs, supplements and a change of diet, he now experiences only the occasional sinus problem. His headaches and sleep problems have gone away.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 63 year old patient with pneumonia, cough, shortness of breath, lack of energy, yellow and brown-coloured phlegm, feeling persistent chills, tightness in the upper back, and used to wake up coughing heavily at night. He could not take medication because they caused a lot of side effects. He used to get headaches centered on the top of his head sometimes. After 4 treatments with herbs and supplement and a change of diet, his phlegm and cough problem has eased up.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 45 year old patient used to wake up at night 6- 8 times and could not sleep properly. Her right knee and left hip were sore, with tightness in the neck and shoulders, along with migraines (behind the eyes). She was involved in a car accident at age 16. Lack of energy, hot flashes, and emotional ups and downs were bothering her a lot, with lower back pain upon waking up in the morning or standing for a long time, and soreness under her ribs and heartburn when lying down, with sour acid reflux. Her sugar cravings and weight increased a lot after menopause. She used to take 2-3 cups of peppermint tea a day. When lying down, she experienced nose blockages. After 4 treatments (once a week) with herbs and supplements and a change in diet, her hot flashes and pain in the knee, hips, ribs and lower back went away. Her sleep quality improved, along with her emotional stability and energy, Her digestive function is now good and she only has a little sinus.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 65 year old patient had a sore right knee since Nov. 2008 and right jaw pain for 3 weeks. Sleep apnoea, ocassional constipation, hay fever and sore throat were additional complications. The patient passed stools 2-3 times a day, sometimes waking up and urgently needing to pass firm stools. High blood pressure and high cholesterol were additional factors for which the patient took prescriptions for Caversyl 5 mg and Crestor 10 mg. She experienced sciatic pain and hot flashes a few days a day, sometimes none. Psoriasis was an additional complication. After the first treatment with herbs, supplement and a change in diet, the patient's pain lessened dramatically and she did not need musk anymore to reduce her sleep apnoea. After 5 treatments, she only occasionally gets sinus trouble and has uninterrupted sleep, no pain, no constipation and hot flashes only a few times a week.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS ACUPUNCTURE & NATUROPATHY A 62 year old patient had sciatic pain for three weeks, needing to wait for 20 minutes to get out of bed because of pain in the morning. His back operation started to get sore. The patient always felt very tired, with high blood pressure and pain in the left-knee, shoulder and hands. He also had symptoms of bronchitis and asthma for several weeks, along with constipation, burping and a racing heart. After taking some pills, he felt nauseous, found it hard to sleep and feel depressed. Additionally, he had phlegm in his chest and was very overweight at 140 kg. After 32 treatments over a period of one year, his pain disappeared, along with his bronchitis, asthma, constipation and heart (as per the Cardiologist's check-up) and he lost about 40-50 kg.